Nov FaB Painting Jam 2018

A face and body painting jam provides a great opportunity to meet up with other artists, models and photographers for an evening of creativity, fun, & body painting.

Open to all models, artists, and photographers.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience, you don’t need to be a professional to take part! This is a space to experiment and try new things for the first time, or to hone your skills.

PHOTOGRAPHERS – please feel free to bring whatever equipment you want – having back drops etc is totally encouraged. Painting commences at 7pm onwards. You are welcome to the event from the start but if you don’t want to take lots of pics of the painting process then you are also welcome to arrive later than this!

PAINTERS – Please bring your own kit if you have one – Face and Body paints or skin approved products only. There is always a spare kits for people to use.

MODELS – please bring a change of clothes and face wipes etc

Painters can paint faces, bodies, hands, feet… anything you want to try out.

Collaborations are welcome!

If you want to take part, please let the group know if you can make it, and if you have any questions. – it’s good to be able to predict the turnout!

bring the creativity!