The Brewery Tap


Lockdown refund policy

For peace of mind, we would like to promise a full refund for all the bookings if the government decided for us to go into lockdown. You can cancel your booking, and get the refund back to the same value of that you paid a deposit for.


New Year ‘s Eve cancelation policy

For any reasons or you’ve changed your mind and would like to cancel your booking, or pre-paid entry ticket on New Year’s Eve, we’ll offer you a credit to the same value that you have paid a deposit or pre-paid entry ticket for. This value can be spent on food and drinks when you rebook with us up by 30th April 2022. T&C applies

If you wish to cancel your New Year ‘s Eve booking or pre-paid entry ticket, please email us only, your name, contact details and the amount money you have paid for by Wednesday, 29th December 3pm. We’ll email you back as a confirmation.

If you have any other questions, please email us manager@thebrewery-tap.com

The Brewery Team